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Ace My Language

The Ace My Language (TM) series is statistically engineered to dramatically improve language skills by providing strategic maximum exposure to the elements of language needed by students in the field and on standardized tests. Each Ace My Language book is comes with a companion audio CD, increasing learning by exposing students to both reading and listening input. The Arabic Edition is used by West Point, the CIA, and other government and private organizations throughout the country.

Our current editions include:

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Ace My Language Book
Ace My Language

List Price: $69.95 (Includes S&H)

Availability: Usually ships within 48 hours. Via Media Mail (7-10 business days). We ship to APO addresses.

Edition: Paperback.

ISBN: 0-9768404-1-3

Description: 268 pages of over 400 reading and listening passages and questions, with corresponding audio files on a CD companion.


Training & Language Services


Global Language Systems has developed the industry’s most innovative proprietary training methodologies, reducing the time required for language acquisition by 40-50% with a 100% success rate. And, as the only language training provider with an integrated comprehensive system of courses, curriculum, materials, and a learning management system, Global Language Systems offers a full package that can be customized to meet your needs.

Training can be done anytime, anywhere. It is intensive, active, and dynamic with experiences in and out of the classroom to maintain specific focus on the students’ mission or objective, while maximizing the synergistic impact of training in ‘real life’ scenarios.